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Providing a cost-effective, time saving and easy-to-apply method of EMI/RFI radiation shielding, aluminum foil shielding tape offers both value for money and high quality protection.

Our aluminum tapes can be used to seal gaps (RFI sensitive enclosures) and fix and seal indium tin oxide coated windows into apertures.

Aluminium Tapes Sizes

Standard sizes for both Aluminium & Copper tapes are:

6 , 12, 25 and 50mm widths are standard stock sizes (non standard widths are available upon request). All rolls are supplied in 20 Metre lengths.


Product Data DIA-C-7111-(WIDTH)
Material Thickness 0.03(+/-0.005) mm
Tensile Strength, Rm 194.67 – 201.07 N/mm²
Elongation Lo = 100mm 16.84 – 17.77 %
Vickers Hardness 0.3/15 42
Total Thickness 0.06 (+/-0.005) mm
Adhesive Thickness 0.03 (+/-0.005) mm
Release Liner 0.11 ~ 0.15 mm
Peel Adhesion (180º/PST#1) >1.0 Kg/in
Holding Power (178º/PST#7) >48 Hr
Volume Resistivity (Ohms/sq)
Temperature 5 ~ 130 ºC

Ease of use

• Ensure surface of application is dry and clean
• Ensure correct placement, as excellent adhesion may make removal and re-application difficult and could result in reduction of stated resistance
• Ensure full strength can be achieved by ensuring aluminum tapes are not exposed to excessive tension after bonding

Application Fields

Our aluminum tapes are suitable for applications including LCD monitors, PDA and PDP; duplicating machines, mobiles, portable PCs and varying other electronic equipment requiring EMI shielding.

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