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The spectral properties offered by our Diamond AR anti reflective coating for glass are comparable to the properties of our Diamox+ coatings, making it the perfect solution to a comprehensive range of applications.

Anti Reflective Coating Applications

Applications of anti reflective glass coatings include, among many others:

  • Eyeglass lenses (to make wearers’ eyes less visible)
  • Windows, glass in advertising/picture frames, etc. (to reduce reflection and make underlying images more visible)
  • Binoculars/telescopic sights (to reduce glint from the lenses of covert viewers’ instruments)
  • Lenses & other imaging system’s optical elements (to improve efficiency by reducing light loss due to reflection)
  • Telescopes and microscopes (to improve image contrast by reducing reflection and thereby eliminating stray light)
  • Cinema projector glass and more

Diamond AR Anti Reflective Coating for Glass

Suitable for application not only to glass but also to polycarbonate and acrylic substrates, our conductive Diamond AR anti reflective coating has a typical sheet resistance of 1000+ ohms/sq. and is available in options including:

  • Diamond AR, a multi-purpose coating designed to meet customer-specific requirements
  • Diamond AR Wet, a dipped acrylic sheet AR coating delivering approximately 3% reflection
  • Diamond AR Vac, a vacuum deposited AR coating with varying wavelengths to suit customer requirements and average reflection of 0.5%
  • Diamond AR Cond, a multi-layer AR coating that is combined with a conductive ITO coating

Light transmission rates for Diamond AR anti reflective coatings on glass and polycarbonate substrates are:

  • Glass with Single Sided Coating: 94%
  • Polycarbonate with Single Sided Coating: 91%
  • Glass with Coating on Both Sides: 96%
  • Polycarbonate with Coating on Both Sides: 95%

Please download the Data Sheet for more detailed information.

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Diamond Coatings Inc. produce a comprehensive selection of Index Matched, ITO and multi-layer AR coatings, many of which were designed specifically to match our customers’ specific optical requirements.

Able to supply reflection/transmission graphs for our full optical coating range, we will be happy to recommend and design a suitable coating solution to match your application’s specific criteria. To learn more and/or discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team today.