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Lighter than, yet comparable to glass when it comes to clarity/transparency, Diamond Coatings anti reflective polycarbonate offers excellent properties that make it the ideal substrate for an extensive range of applications across many different industries.

Anti Reflective Polycarbonate Properties

Easy to machine/coat and available in diverse grades featuring, for instance, flame-retardant properties, AR coated polycarbonate offers an array of interesting properties, including:

  • High Impact Resistance
  • High temperature Resistance
  • Excellent Flammability Ratings
  • Outstanding Light Transmission Rates (91% for products coated on one side & 95% for products coated both sides)

This combination of excellent optical properties, light weight and high impact/temperature resistance makes AR polycarbonate the perfect material choice for a multitude of applications across all industries.

AR Coated Polycarbonate Applications

Applications of AR coated polycarbonates include, among others:

  • Resistive/Capacitive Touch Screens & Panels and Electronic Displays in the Automobile Industry
  • Medical Manufacturers, Food Processing & Agricultural Equipment Display & Command/Control Screens/Panels
  • Monolithic Shielding (EMI/RFI) Filters, Electronic & Opto-Electronic Displays & Transparent ITO Heaters
  • Naval and Aviation Flight Decks & Related Equipment/Cargo Areas/Hanger Lighting
  • External Information Displays, Security Camera Domes and LCD Display Panels on Large Portable Generators
  • Marine/Boat Windows, Military Ground Vehicles, Periscopes and More

Its high impact resistance also makes AR coated polycarbonate an excellent material for bullet resistance lamination and anti-vandal touch displays/screens (i.e. ATM screens, public information displays, and so on).

Reducing unwanted glare/reflection, AR polycarbonates also protect images from UV-related yellowing/fading, which also makes it a popular material for applications like, for instance:

  • Advertising Gallery Displays and Art Exhibitions
  • Picture Framing, Retail/Poster Displays and Display Cases/Cabinets

Additional Coating Options

In addition to anti-reflective coatings, Diamond Coatings can also offer application of other optional coatings, including scratch resistant (hard coat), conductive ITO & other special optical coatings and diverse adhesive gaskets/tapes permitting easy bonding to frames, display cases, etc.

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