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Comparable to glass in terms of transparency/clarity – yet much lighter – and combining high impact resistance with excellent flammability ratings, anti-reflective polycarbonate is the perfect material for a wide range of applications.


The polycarbonate class of thermoplastic polyesters offers several interesting properties, including high impact resistance, high temperature resistance and outstanding optical properties. Widely used within modern manufacturing, they are easy to machine and coat and can be supplied in different grades with, for example, flame retardant properties.

Anti-reflective Polycarbonate Applications

Its high impact & temperature resistance, combined with excellent light transmission rates (one side coated: 91%; both sides coated: 95%) make anti reflective polycarbonate an outstanding material for display filters, especially in applications where weight considerations are a major factor. Such applications may, for example, include:

  • Resistive & Capacitive Touch Screens/Panels
  • Electronic Automobile Displays
  • Display/Control Screens for Food Processing/Medical Manufacturers
  • Monolithic EMI/RFI Shielding Filters
  • Electronic and Opto-Electronic Displays
  • Transparent ITO Heaters

Typical applications of the latter operating within unforgiving environments include, for instance:

  • Agricultural Equipment’s Control Panels
  • Aviation/Naval Cargo Areas, Flight Decks & Hanger Lighting
  • Command/Control Screens
  • External Information Displays
  • Helicopter Canopy Windows & Windscreens
  • Industrial Control Screens
  • Large Portable Generators LCD Display Panels
  • Marine/Boat Windows
  • Military Ground Vehicles & Periscopes
  • Naval Flight Deck Equipment
  • Security Camera Domes and More

In addition, the high impact resistance of AR coated polycarbonate makes it an excellent choice for anti-vandal touch screens (such as, for example, on ATMs, public information displays, etc.) and bullet resistance lamination.

Other AR Coated Polycarbonate Applications

As well as reducing unwanted reflection and glare, AR coated polycarbonate also protects images against UV light-related fading and yellowing. This also makes it a popular choice for applications including:

  • Advertising
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Gallery Displays
  • Retail/Poster Displays
  • Display Cases/Cabinets and
  • Picture Framing

Other Coating Options

Diamond Coatings also offer a range of additional coating options, including conductive ITO and hard coat (scratch resistant) coatings, as well as adhesive tapes & gaskets allowing for ease-of-bonding to display cases, etc.

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