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Established in 2002, the privately-owned organization Diamond Coatings is now an industry leading manufacturer of ITO & Optical Coatings who expanded their operations to the United States in 2016. Combining continuous research and development with on-going improvement, we have successfully fine-tuned our coating technology/machinery to enable application of our coatings onto almost any substrate.

Operating Trend-Setting Vacuum Coating Plants

Operating high-tech advanced vacuum coating plants especially designed & built to match our own specifications and fully equipped complete with clean rooms, we specialize in ITO deposition onto glass and plastic at modern premises in Phoenix, Arizona and in Halesowen, Midlands, UK.

We offer an extensive range of Conductive/Transparent Coating products:

RFI Shielding Filters – ITO Glass – ITO & AR (Indium Tin Oxide & Anti-reflective) coatings Touchscreens – Heater Windows – Capacitive Switches – Microscope Coverslips/Slides

Plastic & Glass Supplies – Optional Hard Coatings – Conductive PET Films – Conductive Tapes

Core products within our coating range include:

  • HOT DIAMOX (or Hot ITO) – 2 – 100 O/Sq
  • DIAMOX (ITO) & DIAMOX + (Index Matched ITO) – 10 – 1000 O/Sq
  • Tuned DIAMOX or Visual Broadband AR Coatings
  • AR Coatings for Cinema Portal Glass
  • Beam Splitter Coatings

Proud to have successfully worked with a diversity of blue-chip companies covering a wide range of markets, Diamond Coatings have provided design advice & assistance and prototyping; testing services & ultimately full manufacturing capabilities for the production of high quality optical and conductive coatings for a broad range of technologies and applications.

Diamond Coatings can exhaustively offer:

  • Full product design & development services
  • Integrated Management of Supply Chains
  • Advanced production technology
  • Detailed technical support
  • PPAP Generation
  • End-to-End Quality Management Systems
  • Excellent track record working with blue-chip companies
  • Reactivity & flexibility
  • Excellent Quality – Proven PPM & RFT

Supply a customer base around the globe, Diamond Coatings service a full market spectrum including:

  • Medical
  • Military & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Imaging & Microscopy
  • Aerospace
  • Research & Development
  • Entertainment
  • Space & Many More

Contact Diamond Coatings with your optical/ITO coating design challenges today and our highly skilled, experienced technical team will cooperate with you on realizing your applications’ goals and provide prototyping, testing & development assistance through to the final design and a product that is ready to be launched to market.


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