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Diamond Coatings offer an extensive range of premium quality ITO coated coverslips. Available in diverse thicknesses and sheet resistances, these optically transparent and highly conductive ITO coverslips have become an integral addition to modern research and development and medical laboratories’ SEM Imaging and high-resolution microscopy equipment.

Glass cover slips are specifically designed to protect specimens against contamination from accidental contact and dust. In addition, they effectively prevent contact between a specimen and the objective lens of a microscope and immersive liquids such as oil or water. High-resolution microscopy requires specific thickness, quality, optical and anti-static properties of ITO glass coverslips.

ITO Coverslips for HR Microscopy Equipment

Highly conductive, optically clear and available in a comprehensive range of thickness and sheet resistance options, Diamond Coatings’ ITO coated coverslips offer all properties necessary to meet the specifications high resolution microscopy requires.

In SEM imaging, it is often necessary to minimize unwanted charging of specimens being observed, by creating conductive paths by coating specimens in metals such as platinum. Coating specimens in such a way can cause significant problems, because these metal coatings have the potential to not only obstruct passage of light but also to suppress the luminescent effect of cell surface fluorophores.

As the need for specimens to be coated in metal is removed, using ITO conductive coverslips can prevent such problems.

 ITO Coated Coverslips

Diamond Coatings Inc are industry-leading manufacturers of ITO glass coverslips and microscopy slides. We supply both custom and standard ITO coated, premium-quality glass coverslips to universities and research and development institutions all over the world.

As well as offering a comprehensive range of stock at varying sheet resistance, dimensions and thickness options, we also offer:

  • Custom circular coverslips
  • Coverslips with bus bars (silver polymer)
  • Coverslips to match specific customer requirements (i.e. dimensions, sheet resistance)

For more detailed information on our stock-held ITO coverslip range and/or discuss your specific requirements, please contact our experienced technical team today.

June 1st, 2020|