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Update: 17/03/2020

The current spread of the Coronavirus within the United States is quite significant and as a business, Diamond Coatings is actively taking preventative measures to minimize the risk on all levels to our team, customers and suppliers.

Diamond Coatings would like to assure all of our customers that we will endeavor to continue working to support and fulfill each and every order we receive.

We fully appreciate that the Government is advising people to “self-isolate” should they believe they have or have come into contact with someone who has the Coronavirus and we here at Diamond Coatings are making plans to support that should the need arise.

We have adequately trained staff across all production processes to ensure that all orders can be produced with minimal to no impact to our customers.

In addition to the above, all of our office staff have company phones and access to laptops which means that should the need to “self-isolate” arise, then they can continue working remotely on your behalf, with no break in communications.

In addition to the normal sanitary measures we already have in place with protective gloves, facemasks and hand sanitization, we are also restricting all travel for staff on business trips and limiting visits from customers and suppliers to a strict minimum.

Please be assured that Diamond Coatings will continue working throughout this uncertain time for as long as possible and want to provide our customers with the reassurance that it is very much “business as usual”.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.