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Featuring similar spectral properties to those of Diamox+ coatings, Diamond AR anti reflective coatings can be applied to acrylic, polycarbonate and glass substrates.

Anti Reflective Coating Options

Typical sheet resistance of the conductive Anti Reflective coating is 1000+ ohms/sq. Available AR coating options include:

• Diamond AR – multi-purpose coating to meet customer requirements

• Diamond AR Wet – Dipped AR coating on acrylic sheet providing approximately 3% reflection

• Diamond AR Vac – AR coating is vacuum deposited at varying wavelengths to meet customer requirements; average reflection: 0.5%

• Diamond AR Cond – Multi-layer AR coating combined with conductive ITO coating

Product Information

Light transmission for glass and polycarbonate coated on one side only are 94% and 91% respectively. For glass and polycarbonate coated on both sides, transmissions are 96% and 95% respectively.

Transmission Graphs

We produce an extensive range of ITO, Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection and Index Matched coatings. Many of these coatings are especially designed to match specific optical requirements for customers. We can also provide transmission and reflection graphs for our full range of optical coatings.

For specific optical requirements, please contact our technical team, who will be happy to design and recommend suitable coating solutions to meet your application’s criteria.

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