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Diamond Coatings Inc. Anti Reflective Coating Film is an extremely useful, highly cost-effective material choice for large digital display and signage applications.

DC AR Coating Film

Combining excellent anti-static properties and enhanced transparency with outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance, our anti reflective film is suitable for application to acrylic or polycarbonate substrates and:

  • Dramatically reduces reflection
  • Provides substrates with excellent scratch resistance & surface hardness close to that of glass
  • Offers superb resistance to chemical attacks

These properties do, of course, make it a high-performance solution ideal for applications including:

  • Clear Touch Displays/Panels & Pen Entry/Touch Screens
  • Smart Windows, Optical Enhancements & Electronic (OLED, LCD, PDP, EP) Displays
  • Solar Cells and Other Energy Solutions
  • Public Information, Retail/Advertising, Medical & Industrial Displays
  • Electroluminescent Lamps, EMI/RFI Shielding Filters and Eye Wear Lenses
  • Medical Sensors, Membrane Switches, Flexible Printed Circuits and More

For full properties/technical details, please download the Datasheet here.

DC Anti Reflective Coating Film

Our anti reflective film is supplied complete with optically clear adhesive and protective films on both sides and available via our online store on rolls (by linear metre) or in sheets (please contact us for standard sheet sizes).

We can also offer to directly laminate AR coating films onto your chosen substrate and/or provide anti reflective films with dimensions to meet your application’s specific requirements.

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Diamond Coatings Inc. supply an extensive selection of multi-layer AR, ITO/Index Matched ITO and special optical coatings – many of which were designed specifically to meet customer-specific applications’ requirements – to global industries including, to name just a handful:

  • Automotive, Aviation, Space and Military & Defence
  • Manufacturing/Processing, Retail/Advertising and Entertainment
  • Imaging & Microscopy, Medical, Research & Development and More

To learn more and/or discuss your applications’ specific optical, dimensional and/or conductive requirements with one of our experienced and helpful specialists, please do not hesitate to give us a call on (480) 999-3456 today (please note: if you are contacting us from anywhere outside the United States, you will need to dial 001 (480) 999-3456 instead).

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