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Diamond Coatings Inc. supply an extensive range of high-quality ITO coated glass slides for science, medical and research & development applications.

DC ITO Glass Slides

Featuring a 25nm silicon oxide (SiO2) barrier coating, our slides for science, medial and R&D applications consist of 1.1mm-thick soda lime float glass coated with a highly conductive, premium-quality indium tin oxide (ITO) coating.

About Soda Lime Float Glass

This type of glass is produced by glass being drawn over basins of molten tin, a process typically resulting in the glass’ upper side (facing the air) being smoother and flatter than the lower, tin-facing side. As the processing cost of soda lime float glass is comparatively low, it is the glass most commonly utilized for slides.

Able to supply soda lime glass in thermally/chemically toughened or standard options, we can also cut it to sizes meeting specific size requirements.

About the SiO2 Barrier

We introduced the SiO2 (silicon oxide) barrier to our slides to inhibit diffusion of sodium (Na) ions. Unless blocked by a layer like this, sodium ions can disrupt both the tin oxide’s performance and the that of devices grown upon it. Positioned between the ITO layer and the float glass, this SiO2 layer subsequently increases both our ITO glass slides’ quality and longevity.

DC ITO Coated Glass Slides

Diamond Coatings Inc. currently offer ITO glass slides in grades including:

  • Standard 15 Ohm/sq ITO coating; 88% transmittance
  • Standard 5 Ohms/sq ITO coating; 82% transmittance
  • OLED grade 15 Ohm/sq ITO Coating; 86% transmittance

The OLED grade option’s surface is smoother than the surfaces of the standard options.

Currently available stock-held (standard) sizes include:

  • 20 mm x 10 mm
  • 5 mm x 25 mm and
  • 25 mm x 25 mm

We can also supply diverse other sizes (up to a maximum of 400 mm x 500 mm).

Learn More

For more detailed information on our ITO coated glass slides or indeed any other products from our range, please contact us online, e-mail us at: sales@diamondcoatings.com or give our experts a call on (480) 999-3456 today.

Please Note: For callers getting in touch with us from anywhere outside the USA, the number to call is: 001 (480) 999-3456.