ITO Coated Microscope Slides: A New Generation of ITO Glass Slides

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Developed specifically for R&D laboratories, Diamond Coatings’ “new generation” ITO glass sides feature SiO2 (silicon oxide) barrier coatings. Here is why we have added this barrier to our ITO coated microscope slides.

ITO Coated Conductive Glass Slides with SiO2 Barrier

Studies have shown that using ITO coated glass slides as substrates for cell cultures is an easily extendable application offering new opportunities for electron microscopy & correlative light research into adherently growing cells.

Naturally, it is important for slides used in this kind of research to be of the highest possible quality and reliable both in terms of electrical resistivity and structural integrity.

Consisting of 1.1mm thick soda lime glass coated with high quality indium tin oxide and a 25nm thick barrier coating of silicon oxide, our new ITO coated conductive glass slides ensure both top quality and reliability.

Soda Lime Glass

The most commonly utilized and popular type of glass due to its comparatively low processing cost, soda lime (S.L.)  glass is:

  • Produced by drawing ribbons of glass over molten tin (learn more)
  • Typically smoother, as well as flatter, on the air (up) facing side than on the tin (down) facing side
  • Available in standard, thermally toughened or chemically toughened options

Produced in standard sheet sizes, it can then be cut down to diverse required sizes.

So, Why Introduce the SiO2 Barrier to Our ITO Glass Slides?

Without a suitable barrier, annealing causes a diffusion of sodium ions between the S.L. glass and the indium tin oxide coating. This in turn can result in increased electrical resistivity and/or structural defects within the ITO coating.

We introduced the SiO2 barrier coating to inhibit this process of diffusion and thereby increase our ITO microscope slides’ overall quality and longevity.

Grades & Sizes of ITO Coated Microscope Slides

Our new range of SiO2 barrier ITO slides is currently available in a choice of three grades:

  • Standard 4.5 ohms/sq. ITO Coating with 82% Transmittance
  • Standard 15 ohms/sq. ITO Coating with 88% Transmittance
  • OLED Grade 15 ohms/sq. ITO Coating with 86% Transmittance & a smoother surface than the two standard options’ surfaces

Currently stocked standard ITO glass slide sizes include:

  • 75 x 25 mm
  • 25 x 25 mm
  • 20 x 10 mm

We can also supply customer specific sizes (maximum available size: 400 x 500 mm) and ITO microscope slides with silver busbars for ease of electrical current application.

Learn More

For more detailed information and/or to discuss your research & development departments specific requirements, please feel free to contact our technical advisors today.

September 15th, 2019|