Diamond Coatings Introduces New ITO Laser Etching & Patterning Capabilities

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Established in the UK in 2002, Diamond Coatings expanded its operations to Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2016. Now an industry leading Optical & ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coatings manufacturer, we have combined continuous research & development with on-going improvements & continued investments into our processing capabilities to fine-tune our techniques and machinery.

As a result, Diamond Coatings can now apply vacuum deposited coatings onto virtually any substrate and are proud to introduce our new Patterning & ITO Laser Etching Services to our continually expanding portfolio of processing capabilities and product offerings.

Exceptionally versatile, our fully integrated new Class 1 Laser System offers a 305mm x 305mm working field area with a current patterning line width of 30 micron. Alternative laser options planned to reduce this further to line widths of 7 micron will facilitate repeatable, highly accurate precision surface coating removal.

In addition, Diamond Coatings will be introducing comprehensive non-contact measuring and imaging processes to ensure and document full dimensional compliance even with customers’ patterning requirements of the most complex nature.

We can offer Laser Etching & Patterning of thin film coatings like our own Diamox ITO and, of course, other coatings on an extensive range of substrates including glass, PEN & PET films and hard-coated Polycarbonate & PMMA substrates.

Furthermore, we can offer additional services including micro-machining grooves and holes into glass, laser trimming thin film and sapphire scribing.

Diamond Coatings can provide full supply of substrates, thin film vacuum-deposited coatings and laser patterning to customer-specific requirements and design parameters. Alternatively, we can also provide services for laser patterning onto customers’ free-issue coated substrates only.

Supporting a world-wide customer base, Diamond Coatings service a comprehensive market spectrum including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Imaging & Microscopy
  • Medical
  • Military & Defence
  • Research & Development
  • Space & Many More


Contact Diamond Coatings with your specific optical coating design & patterning requirements today. Happy to work with and help you realise your precise application goals, our highly experienced, skilled technical team will assist you all the way – from design, development and prototyping to testing, final design and ultimately product release.


September 27th, 2018|