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Coatings can be applied to glass that can reflect heat radiation yet transit light like glass. The properties of indium tin oxide coated glass make it a popular choice of material for environmentally friendly construction and low emissivity (Low-E) windows. The ability to regulate temperature is beneficial for rooms like scientific research labs.

Low-E Windows

The use of reflective ITO coatings on glass windows results in a reduction of heat loss and gain. Throughout the year, temperatures can be better regulated and buildings are cheaper to heat.

Heat generated within a building will be preserved by the coated glass’ reflective ability, allowing the heat to remain in the building. Costs of heating will be reduced in the winter for buildings using low-e windows.

In the summer, the heat from the sun is reflected by the ITO coated glass, keeping the building cool, cutting down on costs of running air conditioning, and helping reduce environmental impact.

Uses of Reflective Glass

ITO reflective coatings can be used in the automotive industry too though the use of reflective auto glass in vehicles. Vehicles are more environmentally due to the reduction or elimination of climate control methods needed when using reflective coated glass.

Another application of reflective coated glass to control temperature is in scientific research. Some research labs may require strict climate control and glass can be used to stabilise the temperature.

Benefits of Reflective Coated Glass

As well as the positive impact using ITO coated glass has on the environment, there are also financial benefits due to reduced need of climate control systems like heating.

The finish of reflective glass coatings can be varied and tinted to reduce glare. This reduces eye strain in office environments. The finish can be metallic in nature yet designed so people can see out of the windows.

When being used in scientific labs, where temperatures need to be controlled, reflective coated glass can provide protection by stabilising conditions in event of a power outage or electrical problems.

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