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Now the USA’s leading manufacturer of touch screens, Diamond Coatings can provide anything from development through to production volumes of resistive and capacitive touch screens in sizes up to 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm. Produced on flexible or rigid plastic or glass, our touch screens can be produced with anti-glare and/or other required finishes.

Capacitive Touch Screens

Offering higher visible transmission (approximately 90%) than resistive screens (visible transmission: approximately 70%), capacitive touch screens require chips to drive them. Diamond Coatings’ index matching technology enables us to produce capacitive screens with visible transmissions comparable to those of uncoated plastic or glass, and our good links with chip manufacturers allows us to provide the complete package to our customers.

Resistive Touch Screens

While capacitive screens typically have fixed touch areas, resistive touch screens offer completely variable X-Y touch point detection. We offer ready-to-use, complete (including all connections, bonding and patterning) X-Y resistive touch screens. Fully shielded touch screens are also available.

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